If I do not have a credit card, can I still engage in online shopping?
CouriJam has a company credit card that is used to conduct online transactions on behalf of our customers. There is a service charge of US$5 for an order below US$100 and a charge of US$10 for an order above $US$100.


Where do I ship my order to?
You ship all your orders to our warehouse located at:
2706 NW 29 Terr,
Oakland Park, FL 33311


Do I have to purchase online in order to ship with CouriJam?
No, once you have a shipment anywhere in the US, you can have it dropped off or send it to our warehouse in the company’s name.


What size package can I receive through CouriJam?
Packages of any size can be shipped. However, customers should remember that we primarily ship airfreight. Ocean shipments can be arranged at your request.


How long does it take to receive mail and packages?
CouriJam ships on Mondays and Thursdays. Once your item arrives at our warehouse before 1 p.m. on a Friday or Wednesday, then your item will be shipped to Jamaica on Monday or Thursday respectively. If your package should arrive after 1 p.m. on a Wednesday, your item will be shipped on the Monday of the following week. If it should arrive after 1P.M. on a Friday then the package will be shipped on the following Thursday. Once your package has arrived at the airport, delivery will be done either the same day or the next business day after the shipment is cleared at the airport. Arrangements can be made to get shipments on days we do not normally ship, however these will attract additional cost starting at a minimum of US$50.

How do you deal with Customs Duty?
CouriJam allows you to avoid the stress with dealing with customs. We pay Customs Duty GCT and all other fees/duty at the airport for all packages entering the island; These packages are billed cash on delivery (COD). As it regards to certain transactions we will ask customers to prepay customs duty prior to receiving their shipment.


Are my packages insured?
Our customers packages are insured at a rate of 10% of products with a declared value of $US100 or greater. Proof of delivery to our Miami location is required for all insurance claims. If the item is not accompanied by an invoice, CouriJam will calculate the Insurance Coverage on value estimated by Customs. We do not accept liability for products that are not packaged properly before arriving at our warehouse or damaged by customs representatives.


Is there anything that I cannot receive through my CouriJam account?
Items that are classified as hazardous and are not allowed within the island will be put on hold at our Warehouse and will not be sent to Jamaica. Please check the list of prohibited items on our website.

Does CouriJam provide pick-up service in Miami?
We can pick-up packages for customers that should be sent to Jamaica. There is a service charge for this service which varies on the distance. Please call our US representative for quotation.

How does it work?

1. Sign up with CouriJam and receive a free account and US address.
2. Check your email for an Activation email (check your junk mail folder).
3.  Shop online and ship to our warehouse address in the US. The shipping address and assigned account number (e.g. CJ00123) should be used whenever making your online purchases.
4. You can also call and place your order for an item online or email the product details to our email address. Payment is required at the time of transaction.
5. Payments can also be made to our bank accounts if you do not have a credit card or you would like us to engage in online purchasing on your behalf.
6. You can send packages and mail to your CouriJam US Address.
7.  Your purchases or shipment will be sent to our warehouse.
8. Packages that arrive at our warehouse will be prepared for shipment out of the country.
9.  Shipments are sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays to the island.
10. Customers will be contacted if an invoice is required to clear your packages through Customs.
11.  After items arrive in the island, CouriJam will handle all custom clearance procedures.
12.  CouriJam will inform customers whenever their packages are available for pickup.
13. You can Pick up your packages from one of our pick up locations or contact us for delivery options.