Members of CouriJam have agreed to use this service with agreeing and abiding by the terms and conditions stated below. 

You have agreed not to ship items that fall into one of the categories of products that we classify hazardous. CouriJam will also refrain from shipping items that the customs office of Jamaica has prohibited. If you engage in such practice, you have agreed to be held liable and any fees incurred will have to be paid based on how far the product has reached in the shopping process.

You will be given a shipping and mailing address in the United States where your items should be sent.

You have given CouriJam permission to send you information about promotions and other important messages to your email or cell phone.

Signing up for the services of CouriJam Importers & Couriers Limited does not attract a membership fee.

Products must be adequately packaged to withstand air transportation to ensure safe shipment with ordinary care in handling; to prevent injury or damage to any person or property.

CouriJam will give you the option to Insure items that are fragile and are of a value greater than US$100.

CouriJam will not be responsible for items damaged by external bodies such as companies you purchased from online or customs in Jamaica.

We will only accept liability for products that are damaged or that went missing while in our possession.

You have given permission to CouriJam to clear your products on your behalf and have agreed to pay the fees charged by customs.

Customers will incur a service charge for goods that have to undergo customs inspection and charges.

Items that are over 75lbs will be charged an additional fee for handling.

Items that have been cleared for which full payment has not been received will be kept at our Jamaican warehouse or pickup locations for 5 business days, after which they will be charged a storage fee of $JA200 per day. After 15 business days, items will be auctioned for sale; no refund will be provided for deposits made on these shipments. *Conditions Apply*

Customers should pay 50% of cost for shipment and customs clearance that has a total value greater than $US100.

If you have requested CouriJam to conduct online purchases on your behalf with our credit card, you will be charged a small service fee for this service.

Our charges are subject to local sales tax or similar tax regimes.

Delivery will be provided to customers upon request, however customers will be charged a delivery fee.

The Company reserves the right to hold goods for an indefinite period of time where the customer has an outstanding balance. It is agreed that CouriJam has the right to sell these goods in order to cover whatever outstanding costs exist on your account.

Full payments can be made for shipments before they are sent to our pick-up locations or delivered to customers, otherwise full payment is required unless prearranged with one of our representatives.

If CouriJam should request additional documents and they are not provided, shipment may be delayed and a storage fee will be charged after a given time. Contact a representative for more information.

Privacy Policy

We collect your personal information so we can serve you more effectively. Whatever information we have within our possession such as credit card information, purchase history, address or any other personal information is kept secure and will only be used to enhance our services to individual customers. If there are any concerns, feel free to contact us as we are willing to assist you.

We at CouriJam consider our customers as family and our main aim is to ensure that your information is kept safe and confidential and you are satisfied with our services.