Customers shop and save when we ship.
We receive your items at our warehouses in south Florida, they are shipped and cleared in Jamaica and are available for delivery or pickup at one of our convenient locations in Mandeville, Santa Cruz or Savanna-la-mar.
We provide online purchasing services from most websites on your behalf. No credit card? No worries, we got you covered!
Avoid costly traveling expenses, sign up fees and experience the convenient services of Courijam.

Variety of first class Services available

Outlined below is a list of services offered by Courijam

Online Purchasing

Customers can enjoy the efficiency and convenience of online shopping for business or personal purposes internationally through the US.

US Shipping and Billing Address

Courijam provides you with a Shipping and Billing address upon registration. This is necessary for merchant verification for online purchases. This address may be added to your local bank card profile.

Customs Clearance

Courijam takes care of all your customs clearance needs. We handle all custom duties and charges on your behalf which is calculated into your total charge upon pickup or delivery of your shipment. We also provide custom clearance services for items that are not shipped with courijam at a minimal cost. (Please provide a letter of authorization and important shipping documents i.e. invoices, airway bills and tax compliance certificates).

Product Sourcing

Courijam will source items on your behalf if you are unable to conduct online purchases. Provide product details and we will have it delivered.

Purchase with our Credit Card

If you are not in possession of an international credit card, make purchases with Courijam’s international credit cards at a minimal cost.


For the protection and cost efficiency of your shipment, we repack or resize as necessary at a minimal cost. (e.g.Protective wrapping for TVs and Monitors)

Free storage of your purchases for up to seven (7) days

Free storage will be provided for items that shipment were delayed due to the absence of the relevant documents. E.g. Invoices (Please note that storage charges will be incurred after seven (7) days).

Delivery: Residential and Commercial

Courijam provides deliveries to residential and commercial addresses. (conditions apply, please speak to a customer service Representatitive)